Choosing a venue in Yorkshire
Yorkshire’s picturesque rural landscapes and vibrant cities make an ideal backdrop for your wedding, no matter whether you are looking for a small intimate reception or an event with all the bells and whistles, no cost spared. Be sure to check wedding venues in Yorkshire to help you make a decision that’s the best for you.

Whether you are looking for an intimate cosy countryside idyll for just the two of you, for close friends and family or whether your wedding venue needs to be a cool, modern space for a few hundred, Yorkshire will be able to provide suitable wedding venues.

Here are some options to consider:

Banquet Halls
These are usually very cost-effective as hassle free wedding packages are often available. You will also find that you will have a wedding coordinator working with you who knows the ropes. In effect you will be saving yourself a wedding planner fee.

The downside is that the wedding can look mass produced. It might be quite difficult to establish your own style and to imbue the space with character and ambiance. In addition there might be other events held on the day affecting your access to the venue as well as impacting on your starting and ending times.

Hotel or Holiday Resort
Having a wedding reception at a hotel or resort means that you will be able to have easy access to additional amenities such as onsite accommodation, spas, airport shuttle services and additional spaces for your wedding party.

In general the rental fees for the venue itself might be lower as the wedding venues make their income on the catering and accommodation rentals. The venue might also be situated more conveniently to airports and stations and have well established transfer arrangements.

As a downside, you might find yourself sharing the facility with a number of other events that might not be as elegant as your reception. Facilities such as the ballroom might not be well insulated from other areas and you could share your intimate moments with a raucous football celebration. And your catering could be rather bland and uninspiring as the hotel will opt for safety rather than daring cuisine.

Country Clubs and Sports Facilities
Most country clubs have wonderful facilities for sports and relaxation. Wedding events that span over more than just a reception will work well at a club.  Family and friends can share a game of golf and relax in the spa and in general enjoy being pampered.

The grounds are often beautiful with anything from marinas and lakes to mountain ranges. Wonderful for photographic backdrops as well as lending themselves to romantic receptions.

Of course the facilities are not totally private as members will still have access to most of the area. In addition food isn’t always their strength and your menus might be quite limited.  Interiors may vary too with not so new finishings. But the grounds will make up for it.

A Restaurant
One thing is certain. If you decide on a restaurant your choice will most likely have been made because the restaurant in question offers great food that you love. It’s their speciality. Your restaurant of choice will probably already have the decor you love with not much additional cost to personalise the look to fit your wedding colours.

On the downside you will have space limitations as you will want a dance area as well as space for a band or DJ. If your wedding party is not large enough to rent out the entire restaurant you will be sharing the space with regular patrons.

What is to your advantage though is that a restaurant often has the expertise to host large functions and your planning could end up being relatively painless. If you know what look and feel you are going for and know your budget you will find a restaurant that can accommodate you well.

Mansions & Historic Houses
Wedding venues in Yorkshire offer a range of beautiful buildings for that special event. Impressive architecture and beautifully manicured and maintained grounds may provide a distinguished setting to your wedding.

You have a better chance of being able to hire the entire venue for your event which means exclusivity, privacy and undisturbed time to enjoy your special event.

Some cons could be that the rental might be higher than average. Often there is not sufficient space and the party needs to be split into smaller rooms or even take place outside which means further costs on tents. There might be restrictions on decor and rental time and if the house is located in a residential area you might find noise an issue.

Of course the style quotient is of the highest order. But do expect to spend more effort on the planning and execution of the event and needing to allocate a higher budget for the luxury of this special venue.

Library or Museums
Want that high browed, intellectual feel when holding your reception? Then try a museum or library. Most often sporting distinctive architecture and most definitely sprinkled with cultural ambiance a wedding held in one of these public government spaces will have an additional element to it.

Let those special exhibition items on display entertain your guest and create a touch of mystique that can add immensely to the ambiance of your event. Egyptian pyramids and mummies or portraits of elder statesmen can lend a special charm to your celebration.

Of disadvantage could be higher rental fees. Being a public space could also potentially mean more restrictive rules, awkward hours of access and a ton of red tape to have to cut your way through. In addition staff are often not really qualified to assist and you may find a lack of co-ordination amongst the departments you need to deal with.

As a final bonus though your guests are not easily going to forget this setting. Best bet would be to hire a professional event planner to take on the increased work load to handle government inflicted red tape.

Public Parks, Gardens and Beaches
One good thing about choosing one of these venues is that you decorating budget will be minimal. Let mother nature, whether at a beautiful beach or wonderful landscaped public park, provide the background to your special day. It will guarantee to be a relaxed party. And it’s eco friendly too.

On the downside you will find that you need many permits and that the public space will bring with it many restrictions. It’s not only other park or beach users that will need to be considered but also natural disturbances such as insects, mud and dirt issues, never mind allergies and a climate that is difficult to control. You will need to have plan B in case of rain or storms.

Of course nature doesn’t necessarily assist with all the equipment you need. This means everything has to be hired and brought on site whether tables and chairs or dance floors. Restrooms? All needs to be arranged separately. An outdoor venue, as nice as it might sound, could end up being a headache on all fronts. Handle with care.