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Fabulous pool side wedding venue

Fabulous pool side wedding venue

The wedding venue – first item on your wedding plan

Your wedding plan
Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life. There is so much to do that you could quite easily become overwhelmed. The best way to overcome this is to have a solid wedding plan that guides you through all the stops and ensures that you leave nothing unattended to.

Once you have your overall wedding plan compiled you need to find a starting point. And probably the most important one would be deciding on your wedding venue. This component of your wedding will determine many things not least the wedding date.

It’s not understated at all if you are told that deciding on your wedding venue is the most important step in your wedding plan. The right wedding venue will make your wedding perfect. The wrong one can lead to your special event being a nightmare. We all know which one you would prefer.

Here are a few reasons why your wedding venue is so important.

The budget
Of course the budget determines everything. If you have unlimited resources then you really have nothing to worry about. The sky’s the limit. However, there are only 5% of the brides out there that like Katie Holmes can get married in an Italian castle, or like Kate Middleton have her do at Buckingham Palace.

The rest of us have to cautiously look at the available money and make sure it gets us the best place at the most value for our money. And as it tends to chew up between 50% to 75% of the budget, the wedding venue is an important buying decision to make.

Remember that what does not need to get spent on the venue can be spent on the outfits, flowers, pre-reception events, honeymoon and so much more. As you choose your venue always consider whether the money you are spending will be worth it or whether that could have been spent more wisely somewhere else.

The purpose
You might think that the purpose of your wedding venue is obvious. It’s to make sure you have a place to have a celebration. But there are more questions to ask than that. Do you need your venue to also hold the legal ceremony. Does your venue need to be able to offer you a late night party. Do you see your venue requiring overnight accommodation for your guests from far away.

Will your venue have sufficient parking. Is there transport available. Is there space for your ailing grandmother to have a restful nap, do you maid of honours children need entertainment in their own space. And the list goes on.

Make sure your wedding venue is able to offer you the space and purpose that you need. It’s important not to have problems that pop up on the day when all you and your wedding party would like to do is to have a great time celebrating your wedding.

The availability
You have made your decision. The venue is everything you wish for and has all your requirements ticked off. Now you need to find out whether it can host your celebration on the day you would find convenient.

Of course your venue would probably be available in three years time on the date you wish to book it for. But perhaps you don’t want to wait so long. Or you don’t want to get married in winter as you would prefer a date in a milder climate. Your sister/brother are already getting married then, or are away, or some other event means that very important people have limited time available. All of these need to be taken into consideration and then you hope that the venue you love will have an open day for you.

The perfect beach wedding venue

The perfect beach wedding venue

The contract
Get everything in writing. In general your quotation will provide you with a lot of information already. But do not hesitate to get in writing other items that you presume you will be getting. Anything from free parking and toilet rolls needs to be stated. You don’t want to end up with an additional big fee.

Also find out what your escalation fees will be if you are planning your event in two year’s time. Is it costing you more every year. And in addition find out what cancellation fee will be levied if, for some reason, your wedding needs to be cancelled or postponed. What is your deposit and will you forfeit this if you cancel.

Find out when the balance of your money is payable and have this in writing too. Make sure your contract states the times of your event as well as your dates. It must show the details of the kitchen facilities, other rooms available for your use as well as serving staff and bar details. Is the music included, and what about the music equipment. And who will clean and break down the decorations.

Your perfect wedding venue
Of course there is no such thing. You will always need to make some concessions. Just make sure you are prepared to live with the ones you are making and that you will not end up regretting them. By careful search and selection, timely negotiations and the legal paperwork to secure what you have negotiated you will find a wedding venue that will serve you well and provide you with a space to celebrate your wedding.