For your Stunning Wedding Dress – a few Check Points

Kate Middleton on her way to the church. If ever a perfect wedding dress!

Kate Middleton on her way to the church. If ever a perfect wedding dress!

Your perfect wedding dress
Whether you are getting married at a wedding venue in Yorkshire, UK or elsewhere in England or even anywhere at all here are some great check points to keep in mind when looking for that perfect wedding dress.

The price
The all important question is the cost. Pointless falling in love with a wedding dress that is totally out of your budget range. There is no shame in advising the store assistant what your price range is. It will save you a lot of time and even pain if you find the ultimate one that is far too expensive.

At the same time as you find out the price also ask what this includes. What are alterations going to cost you. You might want to have some extra bits added, like hand embroidered  on pearls or something even taken off such as a cumbersome bow.

Most shops will have a proper list of prices for the extras.  Most ready to wear gowns don’t provide for any free alterations. Buying an outfit from a demi-couture collection might mean you have two fittings to hem the dress to the correct length included in the cost. And for couture gowns you could have five fittings and tailoring the dress to your measurements part of the price. Find out right at the beginning.

And finally do ask whether they can actually do the alteration if needs be. Wedding gowns are often quite complex and an ordinary seamstress might not be skilled enough to do a good job.

The duration
Make sure your gown will be ready in time. You never know what kind of personal issues might befall the wedding dress maker that could mean you end up having to skimp on the make of the dress or even find it’s actually not even ready in time.

Find out how large the business is to make sure that you are well served. The last thing you need to happen to your wedding dress is to have a problem with the supplier.

Determine ordering delays, production lead times, shipping times if required (for special fabric for instance) and increase in prices for purchases that are well in advance.

If your gown is being made off pattern find out what the issues could be if you ask for special fabric, lace, embroidery or jewels that need to be stitched on. These could all add to the cost as well as contribute to unexpected delays.

Royal weddings offer a peep at fabulous wedding gowns. This one was Princess Madelaine of Sweden.

Royal weddings offer a peep at fabulous wedding gowns. This one was Princess Madelaine of Sweden.

The reputation
Make some enquiries as to the reputation of the shop or designer you are considering using. With online communities it is easy nowadays to find people who have used the same vendor. Post your query on your Facebook page, or ask on wedding websites. Check around. You will be happy you did.

While at the shop have a closer look at the outfits on sale. See whether the quality is to your standard. Also tick off whether the shop or design studio is professional in their handling of your queries and requests. How they deal with their customers in general will filter through into their work.

Important decisions are never easy to make. Especially when they are for your very special wedding dress for the most important day of your life. Take care to ask the right questions and get your answers in writing where possible. You don’t want everything to go right on the day, especially your wedding dress.

Scrumptious Cake Tables at Wedding Venues

Rustic wedding cake table. Image Credit.

Rustic wedding cake table. Image Credit.

Pride of place for cake tables at wedding venues
Whether you are getting married at wedding venues in Yorkshire UK or elsewhere in England, do not forget your cake table as part of the decor as well as a mouth watering element of the whole festivities.

Not just the wedding cake
It’s not only about the wedding cake anymore. Sure your wedding cake is still an important statement. Elegant or homely, mouthwateringly tempting or a sculpture best left alone your wedding cake is of course part of the setting.

But your cake table can be so much more than just the spot where your wedding cake is enthroned. This can space can be so much more as many wedding photos are showing us. And it all depends on how you approach it.

Community effort
Of course food tables have been with us for many years. Weddings in days gone by were catered for by the community. Everybody brought a plate of goodies to share with each other. Mostly you brought along what you were famous for. If you were the local fudge lady that’s what you would bring. Famous for a pumpkin pie, then you brought one of those.

The community shared both the experience of the event and get together as well as the food. It was what family memories were made of.

In the meantime weddings became big business and catering has been outsourced in recent years. This is of course also due to the fact that most couples don’t get married in their communities anymore. No more fudge or pumpkin pie ladies.

That is catering is mostly outsourced. One element that has been making a come back is the cake table. It’s an invitation to share and to create an event together and as such the bring a cake or dessert dish has its own appeal.

Bake off - get guests get to compete for the Cake of the Day award

Bake off – guests get to compete for the Cake of the Day award. Image Credit.

Bake off
A strange new tradition to come to a wedding near you is the Bake Off. Fueled by reality show bake offs a new element has been introduced to weddings. Guests are encouraged to bring their best efforts and the bride and groom judge the offering, announcing a winner at the end of the judging.

A rosette, sash or other styled prize is awarded to the baker with the best offering. According to the palette of the bridal couple of course and may not necessarily have much to do with the merits of the the desserts.

Helps the budget
Inviting contributions to the cake table can certainly help with the budget. Striking off dessert off the catered menu can save a fair amount especially if the wedding is quite large. A saving of a couple hundred £ will be worth considering.

Add fabulous bits
Cakes and desserts can be their own decoration. But why not add your own bits to add to the atmosphere. Whether you have little flags to label the item in thanks of the donor or just by adding lovely flowers, ribbons or candles your cake table can become a celebration in itself.
A cake table in itself can be a statement too. Add it to the theme. Use trolleys, old trunks, antique tables, even logs if your wedding is outside to create a decor that makes the cake table a vision of its own.

No need to stick with cakes and desserts. Add a lemonade or iced tea bucket, a tub of yummy ice cream, lollipops for the kids and some items designed for your guests who might be allergic to gluten, eggs or nuts. Perhaps even some savoury tarts for those folk without a sweet tooth.

Choose a Gorgeous Green Country Wedding Venue for a Summer Wedding

Gorgeous green Yorkshire countryside.

Gorgeous green Yorkshire countryside.

Gorgeous Green Country Side Wedding Venue
Whether you get married at a wedding venue in Yorkshire or elsewhere in the UK a countryside wedding in the lush summer time in England is sure to be magical. Of course people tend to complain a touch about the constant rain in the UK. But the result of all of that natural watering is a gorgeous green countryside.

What better background to a wedding than a countryside that offers up its own magical colour palette. With nature contributing so well it makes it more cost-effective to have that special event without breaking the bank.

Summer splendour
Taking advantage of the summer in England is one way of enjoying the natural beauty that the English countryside offers up. Beautiful spots are found everywhere in England but especially so in Yorkshire, aptly dubbed as being considered ‘God’s own country’ for a reason.

As the season winds down wedding blogs and wedding sites show off gorgeous countryside weddings with beautiful brides, handsome grooms and the creative use of flowers, trees and in general fully taking advantage of the beauty that the countryside offers naturally.

Beautiful colours for a country side style wedding. Image credit: Used country wedding decorations.

Beautiful colours for a country side style wedding. Image credit: Used country wedding decorations.

Wedding colours
Adding your own colours to the natural mix is easy. Anything goes really. The green backdrop that the country side offers is easy to mix with. Use whites, purples, warm oranges and yellows, darker reds to create that splash of interest.

Use farm equipment, copper lanterns and fairylights to create that special atmosphere while at the same time keeping the budget in check. Second hand furniture, old tables and chairs, checked table cloths will all work to re-create times gone by and blend easily into the natural landscape. A fairyland feel.

A farm near you
Farm owners are starting to offer their facilities as wonderful countryside wedding venues. And why not. Meadow fields, farm animals and small wooded areas make ready backdrops. Throw in a tractor or two, maybe even some chicken foraging and the relaxed atmosphere will soon create that special time for guests to let down their hair and have a really good time.

Easy to hold BBQs add an extra essence to the festivities. Offer some local brewed ale or cider, a farm baked wedding cake and cupcakes and the scene is set for a party of note. A local band playing blue grass, country or folksie style music will top off the evening in spectacular fashion.

A Castle Wedding Venue in Yorkshire

A romantic wedding venue beyond gorgeous. A castle in Yorkshire!

A romantic wedding venue beyond gorgeous. A castle in Yorkshire!

Romantic castle wedding venues in Yorkshire
Forget about introducing Mr & Mrs. Try Lord and Lady for a day. Choosing a castle as a wedding venue in Yorkshire or anywhere else in the UK can be the ultimate romantic idea. After all a bride is a princess for the day. Of course not everybody can be a real princess marrying her Prince William. But for one day we can certainly imagine that the special occasion could make one a princess.

The UK is full of glorious castles. Find one from days far gone or one a little more modern, if that is at all possible to have a modern castle, there are many to select a wedding venue from.

Check Castle Howard, York YO60 7DA
Although there are so many to choose from Castle Howard is a classic one that you could consider for a wedding venue in Yorkshire. Home to the Howard family for over 300 years, Castle Howard is a truly amazing 18th century residence set within a vast 1000 acres of incredible landscaped gardens. In itself a space of outstanding natural beauty.

Only 15 miles north of York, a gorgeously historic city in itself, Caste Howard is one of the grandest stately homes in North Yorkshire. Although called Castle Howard it is not a true castle in that it was not intended to serve any military function.

Made famous by TV
Castle Howard is world renowned for it’s starring role in the fictional Granada TV series of 1981 “Brideshead Resvisited” as an adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s so named book. It also had a featuring role in the two hour 2008 remake for cinema. It is part of the Treasure Houses of England heritage group.

It’s not only the buildings that are amazing, but the estate also has extensive and diverse gardens. There is a large formal garden immediately behind the house. The house is on a ridge and this was used to create an English landscape park which opens out from the formal garden and merges with the park.

There are also some fun additional garden buildings. The Temple of the Four winds at the end of the garden and a Mausoleum in the park add extra value to the entire grounds. Of course it wouldn’t be an English garden if there weren’t walled rose gardens, follies and an arboretum. And never mind the peacocks strolling through the grounds.

Imagine being a Princess marrying your Prince in this magnificent estate.

Imagine being a Princess marrying your Prince in this magnificent estate.

What a wedding venue
From late afternoon the wedding party is able to enjoy exclusive use of Castle Howard’s romantic interiors and beautifully landscaped grounds for photographs not found anywhere else. With a champagne start under the splendid painted dome of the Great Hall, discover the treasures of the house, and sit down to a fabulous Yorkshire dinner.

Two different sized halls are available for larger or smaller parties. And the venue lends itself to all night dancing and festivities. A castle wedding venue for a fairytale wedding. Up to 200 guests can be hosted in the house and larger weddings may use the marquee site.

Truly a venue for a princess and her prince.

Love a Nautical Wedding Venue in Yorkshire? Try Fylingdales

Old St Stephen's Church, Fylingdales, Yorkshire. Watching over seafaring folk. Image credit.

Old St Stephen’s Church, Fylingdales, Yorkshire. Watching over seafaring folk. Image credit.

Romantic Old St Stephen’s Church Wedding Venue in North Yorkshire
It’s been compared to an old sailor gazing out to sea. Old St Stephen’s Church, Fylingdales stands on the hillside between Whitby and Ravenscar in Yorkshire. Overlooking Robin Hood’s Bay.

Built in 1821, not one of the older churches in historic Yorkshire, the church nevertheless resonates with the history of the resilient North Sea fishing community.  Much has survived. The painted box pews, full-length gallery and a three tiered pulpit, designed for the preacher are still present as well as a gorgeous old organ.


Old St Stephen's Church, Fylingales, Yorkshire. From the outside.

Old St Stephen’s Church, Fylingales, Yorkshire. From the outside.

The Exterior
The church is constructed in sandstone with a purple slate roof. It features a six-bay nave, a small sanctuary, a south porch and a north vestry. At the west end of the church is a bell-cupola. It’s architectural style if Gothic Revival.

Decorating the porch is a sundial bearing the dates 1736, 1864 and 1919. Wooden benches are inside the porch. The nave has windows with pointed arches. There is a square-headed door in the south wall of the sanctuary. The east window is similar to those in the nave, and it is flanked by diagonal buttresses. The wall of the vestry sports a 15-pane window.

The Sea
The sea is a recurring theme and there are memorials to the shipwrecked in both the church and churchyard. Successful lifeboat rescue missions are listed and there is also a touching display of rare maiden’s garlands’ – ‘crowns’ used in the funeral processions of young – and chaste – women.

Outside, windswept gravestones huddle tightly round the church walls. Some recall tragedies: strangers who drowned on the coast or locals whose lives were cruelly claimed by the sea.

Old St Stephen's Church, Fylingdales, Yorkshire. Beautifully maintained interior.

Old St Stephen’s Church, Fylingdales, Yorkshire. Beautifully maintained interior.

Ideal for an intimate celebration
Beautifully maintained, this small church will appeal to the seafarers and those who feel the pull of the ocean. Add to this a nautical theme that follows through at the reception and you could have a superbly romantic event.

Bring in old sea bells, shells for decorations, sea lanterns for the lighting and dried seaweed for an extra touch. Serve scrumptious sea food and share some hearty ale. For entertainment try some pirate visits and see if you can’t rustle up a band or DJ who is prepared to get dressed up a little. A fabulous occasion. And fairly cost-effective too.

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