Fabulous Yorkshire Wedding Venues are Winners

Dales in Yorkshire

Dales in Yorkshire

Yorkshire Travel Destination Winner
In line with Yorkshire in the UK, winning the Travel Destination Award, one other thought is that Yorkshire offers winning wedding venues too. Whether you live in Yorkshire, in the rest of the UK or outside of England this lovely county could be an option when considering a beautiful wedding venue.

Beautiful countryside, lovely cities, a romantic coastline, national parks and historic places a plenty it’s certainly an area in the UK that offers something for everybody. Whether you want to go back to the roots of our forefathers and celebrate in the countryside or looking for a glamorous 21st century venue, Yorkshire will have it.

Daffodils for the bride. Image credit. Ruth Mitchell Photography. Bridesupnorth.com

Daffodils for the bride. Image credit. Ruth Mitchell Photography. Bridesupnorth.com

A lovely country wedding in Yorkshire
What more would you want from a country wedding than a lush green countryside as back drop, lovely flowering daffodils, a farmer in the background watching over his sheep. Truly going back to the days of countryside living.

Yorkshire is well known for its Dales. Rolling hills, as far as one can see, unspoiled by the construction of the industrial age we are living in. Wanting to get back to nature? This is definitely one place where you can do this.

A gentleman farmer! Image credit Ruth Mitchell Photography. Bridesupnorth.com

A gentleman farmer! Image credit Ruth Mitchell Photography. Bridesupnorth.com

A gentleman farmer
Note that hat on the groom. A gentleman farmer indeed. What a fun way to have a wedding photograph taken. Perched on a bale of grass, looking out onto the meadow with our sweetheart next to you. Could not be more romantic.

Lovely daisies. Image credit: Ruth Mitchell Photography. Bridesupnorth.com

Lovely daisies. Image credit: Ruth Mitchell Photography. Bridesupnorth.com

Wonderful daisies
No need for expensive orchids and exotic flowers from faraway countries. Why not go eco friendly and source your supplies from your surroundings. Much better for our health and the health of the planet.

A bouquet of local daisies can be as lovely to decorate your venue with. Whether the bride’s flowers, a bunch on the table or even decorating a tractor that just seems to be standing around for exactly this purpose be sure to use locally grown produce and services. It will be cheaper and will assist the local community in sustaining themselves.

But most importantly it will create a most wonderful environment for your special day as you celebrate your special day in a caring way. Caring for the environment and the people living within it. Special indeed.

Three Stunning Wedding Venues with a Difference

Truly spectacular wedding venues all over the world
Here are three amazing conversions of buildings to gorgeous hotels just perfect for a totally different wedding experience. Of course you might end up having to leave Yorkshire wedding venues behind and travel to an away destination to enjoy these facilities. But could be totally worth it.

Het Arresthuis, Roermond, Netherlands

Het Arresthuis, Roermond, Netherlands

Roermond, Netherlands
Situated in the southeastern parts of the Netherlands this historically important town, received city rights in 1231. It’s city centre has been designated as a conservation area. Owned by the Spanish, then the French it finally became part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1814.

One of the unusual wedding venues is at the original prison which has been renovated into an amazing hotel. Still called Het Arresthuis it served as a prison right up till 2007. Now restored and built into a beautiful hotel it has recently celebrated it’s two year anniversary.

El Hotel Quinta Real, Zacatescas, Mexico

El Hotel Quinta Real, Zacatescas, Mexico

Quinta Real Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico
A bullring which has been converted into a spectacular hotel. Zacatecas, both the capital as well as the name of the state, is located in the north central part of Mexico. It started as a Spanish mining camp in the mid 16th century. Due to its mining wealth the city became one of the most important cities in New Spain with much of its silver enriching the Spanish crown.

The former Plaza de Toros is located to one side of the Cerro de la Bufa. The Plaza de Toros Bullring was inaugurated in 1866 and conserves much of its original architecture. In 1975 the bullring was abandoned. It was almost demolished but instead the site was renovated and repurposed into an hotel and a place to hold events. El Hotel Quinta Real contains 49 suites. The corridors of the hotel maintain the bullring atmosphere as do the shops, restaurants and event halls.

Mandarin Oriental, Prague, Czech Republic

Mandarin Oriental, Prague, Czech Republic

Mandarin Oriental, Prague, Czech Republic
Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic with an added distinction of being the 14th largest city in the EU. Situated in the northwest of the country on the Vitava River it has been the political, cultural and economic centre of central Europe during it’s 1 100 years of its existence.  With mixed fortunes.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a luxury hotel. It is unusual in that the building housing the hotel is in fact a converted 14th Century Dominican monastery.  Combining a beautiful, contemporary design while preserving a piece of history, the hotel offers 99 rooms and suites. Hidden in the quiet cobbled streets, close to Prague Castle, five minutes walk from the 14th century Charles Bridge and within easy walking distance to Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square this is a wedding venue that could excite even the most jaded palette.

What a choice to make if you want to celebrate somewhere truly special. Gorgeous wedding venues in Mexico, Prague and perhaps closer to home in the Netherlands.

Decorating ideas for Wedding Venues in Yorkshire

Holmsfirth in Yorkshire

Holmsfirth in Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Wedding venues in Yorkshire
Wedding venues in Yorkshire or elsewhere in the UK play the most important part of any wedding. This is where you and your guests will join in in celebrating your special event. It is therefore important that your venue reflects your vision, your personality and your idea on how your wedding should look and feel.

Style of wedding venue
Your first consideration will be to determine what style your wedding venue should be. Are you wanting to celebrate in a traditional way or do you want to be modern. Would you prefer a venue in the outdoors or in a rural spot, or do you want to in the middle of a city buzz.

Your personality, your own distinct taste will determine what style your wedding venue will be. Whether outdoors, whether on the beach or at an away wedding location such as a Bali Beach Resort, or at a banquet hall in a five star hotel your wedding venue will be a reflection of what you are about.

Of course your budget will also determine what style your wedding venue ends up being. If your budget does not cover a five star hotel facility you will have to realise this is not an option for you.

A castle in Italy like Tom Cruise spent on his nuptials is not for everybody. But within your budget you will be able to find something that is you. Provided you use your imagination anything can work to make your wedding celebration a memorable one.

Decorating your wedding venues
Once you have chosen your wedding venue you will now be able to view the budget you have for decorations, the help you have in terms of labour and the suitability of the actual venue to handle your decorating ideas.

If your decorating budget is tiny, which let’s be realistic is what most people have, then be prepared to muster the troupes and do your own decorating. This is not as scary as you might thing. Much can be done on almost no budget as long as you have a team of helpers who are ready to assist when you ask.

This was of course much easier when brides got married in their home town with their friends, relatives and next door neighbours all happy to offer their assistance. Nowadays, with the bride and groom having moved away from home this kind of help is not as forth coming. However, bring in your local club you are member of, your local school or your church community and you will find that everybody loves a wedding and wants to help.

Find a strong leader
You will not be able to do everything yourself. Find a strong leader to help. Whether it is your gym’s trainer, or school teacher, the church secretary or kindergarden teacher pick somebody who is used to giving orders and making things happen.

Discuss with your chosen leader what your decorating ideas are, decide on cheap source of material and get the team to start preparations well before the date. With the promise of a spot in the wedding spotlight, your team will work themselves to the bone.

Do not let the lack of a budget deter you when decorating your wedding venues in Yorkshire or elsewhere in the UK.

Five Fun Wedding Traditions from across the World

Wedding tradition in Peru. The wedding cake pull by single women.

Wedding tradition in Peru. The wedding cake pull by single women.

Try something new!
Whether arranging your wedding at wedding venues in Yorkshire or other parts of the UK you could always consider adding some traditions from other countries to spice up your venue or event.

The West and specifically the English speaking countries believe in the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ tradition. As excitement goes it’s hardly going to score on the Richter scale.

Here are some fun and colourful traditions as practices by countries across the world.

A wedding in Peru – the cake pull
Single ladies at a Peru wedding get to do something much more fun than elbowing each other out of the way during the bouquet toss. They get to do the wedding cake pull. See image above.

This involves charms attached to ribbons that are placed in between the layers of the wedding cake. Before the bridal couple get to cut the cake the singletons get to pull one ribbon each. Whoever gets to pull the ribbon with the fake wedding ring is said to be the next to marry.

Try something from Poland – the Money Dance
Here’s something to consider when worrying about your wedding budget. The money dance or dollar dance is a fun way for your guests to contribute to the cost of the vent. Not that the money dance is that old. First talked about in the early 20th Century it is believed to have evolved a folk dance performed by couples married during Europe’s harvest season.

The bride wears an apron made for the occasion and to be worn over the weddings and guests are encouraged to pin money to her in exchange for a dance. Of course there are some rules. Groom gets first turn, followed by the father father of the bride followed in descending order as to closeness of relationship. In more modern times, women are encouraged to pay to dance with the groom. Equality in all things.


Gorgeous Indian wedding tradition. The Varmala.

Gorgeous Indian wedding tradition. The Varmala – a gift of floral garlands.

For something colourful try India – Varmala
Indian weddings have plenty colourful traditions which often have specific meanings. They are generally in honour of a God or two for luck, health and wealth for the bridal couple’s future life together.

Var Mala refers to the gifting of floral garlands between husband and wife after the first vows have been exchanged. This is one of the most important rites in the entire ceremony representing the bride’s acceptance of the groom as her husband for life.

A tradition in Spain – giving 13 coins
Money is always important to a bridal couple as they head out into a communal future. No matter the country or culture it counts. In Spain the groom presents his bride with a bag containing thirteen gold coins. This is presented on the eve of their wedding.

Because it is Spain there is no doubt that this has its origin in the Catholic Church. The 13 coins represent Christ and his 12 Apostles. The bride has to carry the bag throughout the ceremony.

Some couples follow the even older Roman tradition of presenting each other with coins during the actual wedding ceremony. The bride presents a bag of silver and the groom a bag of gold as a pledge of support.

Getting married in Italy – throw a wine glass
Italian weddings are expensive affairs which are determined by customs and traditions. Some of these have even made their way into non Italian weddings. Mostly one associates the stamping on glass as a Jewish or Greek tradition but the Italians like to hurl a glass too.

The groom throws a wine glass during the wedding reception. The number of glass bits this produces is apparently going to predict the number of happily married years the couple will spend together. Bit like New Year in Italy where it isn’t wise to walk in the streets and alleys as the clock strikes midnight as you get bombarded with items being thrown out of the window.

Start a tradition in your family
There’s no harm in you bringing in a tradition from the rest of the world to enrich your very own event. Start a new family tradition or just have something unusual on your special day. It will make it a memorable event.

Fabulous Ideas for Decorating Wedding Venues with Balloons

Balloons for your wedding venues in Yorkshire, UK

Balloons for your wedding venues in Yorkshire, UK. Image credit: Balloons.net.au

Why use Balloons for your wedding venues?
Have you considered balloons when decorating your wedding venues? It is one of the more cost-effective ways to create a theme and atmosphere and can work extremely well too.

A Balloon Proposal
Start your process with a wedding proposal made from balloons.

Pull up a bit of lawn, add some romantic trees behind it and sculpt balloons into a message of “marry me” and you have a fun and romantic and very cost-effective way of making your proposal a little different to just bending down on one knee and popping the question.

Balloons on ceiling.

Balloons on ceiling. Image credit: Balloons.net.au

Wedding Venue Decor – Ceiling balloons
Many wedding venues have an unsightly or very high ceiling which makes it difficult to create any kind of atmosphere without major cost.

This is particular the case if you are going to hire your local village hall for your reception.

One way of hiding that unsightly ceiling is to use a bunch of balloons. Use helium to inflate the balloons and you have an automatically rising ceiling decoration that will hide anything.  Add colour to your balloons and any atmosphere can be created. White for elegant, lots of colours for fun or green and white to add to your back to nature look.


Table decor.

Table decor. Image credit: Balloons.net.au

Table arrangements
Add balloons to your table decorations.  Choose topiary style clusters or single floating balloons that pick up on the colour theme of the event and add their own touch of decoration to the overall look and feel.

Add a string of fairy lights or some additional ribbons and your decoration will look magical.

Dance floors and arches
Add an arch across your main area. This can be woven across the table holding the wedding cake. Or it could create a festive and more intimate area for a dance floor which might have lost any atmosphere without it.

Or span some balloons across the tables to create a more intimate feel for your sit down dinner  event. Balloons are great elements to add if you want to create intimate spaces without breaking the bank. Budget friendly all round.

Great decor addition
Balloons are fabulously versatile and are a cost effective way of creating a wonderful atmosphere. And they are such fun things to take home as a memento too. Especially appealing to the younger guests at your function.

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