Getting married at a Wedding Venue in beautiful Yorkshire


The Majestic, Harrogate. Image credit: Puma Hotels Collection

The Majestic, Harrogate. Image credit: Puma Hotels Collection

The county Yorkshire in the UK is host to an amazing range of wonderful wedding venues. There are elegant country house hotels in stunning locations, romantic castles and five star hotels in the larger cities.

No need to keep to the main venues though. Yorkshire has numerous market, spa and coastal towns set within the glorious ‘God’s Own’ countryside which also includes three national parks. Whether looking for the perfect spot for an intimate wedding or the grand ballroom statement there is bound to be something suitable in Yorkshire.

City Smart
Look at York, Harroagate or Sheffield to find a large range of wonderfully sophisticated and smart venues that provide the modern feel to exquisite 18th century furnished rooms and facilities.

Many of the top wedding venues have wonderfully restored architecture whether Edwardian or Victorian. You will find something that appeals to you in this varied selection of stately to more modern buildings and event facilities. Stair cases made to serve as stunning backdrops to wedding photographs and cuisine to please even the most jaded palettes.

Sporting Venues
Whether famous cricket grounds such as Headingley, football clubs or horse race courses, Yorkshire has an extensive selection in these plus more sporting venues. Well geared to handling crowds efficiently and carefully these facilities offer everything from excellently appointed banquet halls to small intimate rooms for private functions.

Sporting venues are run by staff highly experienced in the hospitality industry and are qualified to arrange all aspects of a wedding whether for a party of twenty or two hundred guests.

Selby Abbey. Image credit: Selby Abbey

Selby Abbey. Image credit: Selby Abbey

Churches, Abbeys & Priories
Yorkshire offers anything from tiny chapels to Medieval market town churches, to grand Minsters. If you are looking for a church wedding this is definitely a county that will serve up a huge selection.

Find a virtually untouched medieval church in idyllic rural setting or an ornately impressive Victorian building in a busy town centre. Your choice is vast. Consider All Saints, Harewood House dating from 1419 or Holy Trinity Old Church Wentworth which had its start in the 15th century.

Not old enough? Holy Trinity Church Wensley was built on 8th-century Saxon foundations.  The 13th-century church sits on the bank of a river.  Let’s also not forget York Minster which dominates the skyline of this historic city. It’s claim to fame is that it is the largest medieval gothic cathedral north of the Alps. It has traces of every age from the Roman occupation of York, and is home to over 800 years of stained glass.

Then let’s go even older with Selbey Abbey, one of the most notable parish churches in the country, founded in 1069 by Monk Benedict.

No shortage of fabulous wedding venues in Yorkshire
There is no shortage of gorgeous old buildings of historical significance in the county of Yorkshire. A wedding venue paradise of note.

Love yourself a Pink Wedding

Gorgeous pale pink touch to the wedding venue. Image credit Mickey & Minnie kissing blog.

Gorgeous pale pink touch to the wedding venue. Image credit Mickey & Minnie kissing blog.

Colour your wedding venue pink
Whether you are looking for a colour for your wedding venues in Yorkshire or elsewhere in the UK or just to add faint pink hues, the colour pink is versatile and multifaceted. Make it just a hint of pink or use a big paint brush to add bold and strong pinks as your main colour. Either way you will love the result.

Lovely wedding invitations using pink. Image and idea credit to Shine Invitations on Etsy

Lovely wedding invitations using pink. Image and idea credit to Shine Invitations on Etsy

Pink invitations
Start the ball rolling with your pink theme. Pink the invitations. Add very delicate touches to the print material or splash on neon pink for a bold message. It will certainly get people’s attention. Also follow through with the same theme to your wedding venue labels and name tags. Don’t be shy.

Pink out the venue
As the image above shows, you can colour your entire wedding venue with pink. You can go with pale shades such as in the image, or use one of the stronger pinks such as fuchia to really make a statement.

Bridal bouquet in pink and silver for that sophisticated look. Image Credit: Etsy

Bridal bouquet in beautiful feminine colours providing a sophisticated look. Image Credit: Etsy

Bridal bouquet
It’s amazing what you can find on Etsy. In fact if you are ever stuck for ideas for your wedding or any other event just search Etsy using your main keywords and you will be surprised and mostly delighted with what you will find. This Bridal bouquet for instance is gorgeous. Shades of pink and blues for that very special sophisticated look.

Beautiful shades of pink for your special hand made shoes. Image and idea credit: Ponko World on Etsy

Beautiful shades of pink for your special hand made shoes. Image and idea credit: Ponko World on Etsy

Add some pink to your outfit
You don’t have to be totally pink in your gown. But you can add some sophistication to your white gown. Add some hand decorated shoes to your outfit to make it especially gorgeous. Whether you have shoes that have lace added or wonderful swirly decorative patterns. Or even the name of your beloved on them, make a bold statement with your shoes.

What a fabulous idea for wedding favours. Use for table decoration as well. Image and idea credit: Sparkle and Comfort on Etsy

What a fabulous idea for wedding favours. Use for table decoration as well. Image and idea credit: Sparkle and Comfort on Etsy

Pink wedding favours
Again a great find on Etsy. These gorgeous wedding favour boxes are by Sparkle and Comfort. Pop in pink coloured coated almonds, or pink marshmallows, pink M&Ms or a gorgeous pink rose. Either way use the boxes to decorate your tables with and to make use of for your wedding favours. Bound to be a huge hit.

Love is pink
Above all else remember that pink is the colour of love. Your wedding venue will be full of wonderful soft love when you use this lovely colour to decorate your ceremony and reception area. Your guests will love you for it.

7 Important Tips to ensure a Fabulous Backyard Wedding

Some great ideas for backyard weddings. Have fun!

Some great ideas for backyard weddings. Have fun!

Having your wedding in the backyard or garden of your family home can be great fun and have enormous sentimental value. As with everything else though, as wedding venues in Yorkshire, or else in the UK go, weddings at home have their own set of challenges.

The weather
Weather is your big unknown. Anticipating sunshine in the UK could be a bad bet. If you are therefore considering that it could rain, make sure that your backyard can handle the wet weather and make provision for it.

Not only will you need to ensure that your marquee is rain proof but also that your dance and walk areas have non slip tarpaulin covering so that hosts and guests don’t end up wading in mud.

Walk ways need to be covered to toilet facilities and don’t forget to check for disabled visitors that they have access to all facilities whether it rains or not.

Enough space
Your backyard might look like it could fit several football fields into it. But once your marquee is up and your parking space has been allocated as well as portable ablution facilities you could be left with a postage stamp. Be sure to work out what your space requirements are for your guests especially if you are having a sit down dinner party.

Remember the dance floor, space for serving of food and drinks, a place for the band or DJ, an area for the MC and speaker to stand and the list goes on. Also allow adequate space if you have disabled people in wheelchairs.

If you are planning your wedding in your backyard odds are that you will need to bring everything on site. Tables, chairs, table linen, table settings, decorations right down to the ice buckets. Make sure you work out your numbers accurately. If necessary get help in the form of an event management company.

Permits and licenses
Holding a large party at home could disrupt the peace of your neighbourhood. You might need permits and licenses, for serving of food and drink, perhaps even first aid people, for additional parking requirements and the noise your party is bound to make. Sending a note of apology to the next door folk might not be enough. Find out from your local municipality what you need.

Crowd flow and control
It’s not that straight forward to think about the way a crowd will move when not used to working with this concept. And in general people also don’t anticipate that with some drink in them people can become unruly. So how to control this is quite important. Get extra people to help you on the day and make sure your walk ways are unobstructed and easy to navigate. And put up signs too to inform everybody where facilities can be found.

Let the venue play a part
Let your venue help with the mood and atmosphere. Use the trees to string your decoration and lights around, flowering shrubs can add their colours and pick up the general theme from what is available in the garden. By having the inside and outside in one colour palette will create a larger celebratory area than if you only decorate the inside of your tent or marquee.

Above all else have fun
More than anything else, make sure you have fun. The relaxed and homely atmosphere of having your wedding in your own backyard should be part of your wedding mood. Allow everybody to feel at home and to enjoy this special event with you.

Are Traditional Weddings Still Real

Great colour choice for a wedding theme

Great colour choice for a wedding theme

What are our traditions after all
One thing is for certain, our times are changing at a rapid rate. We no longer have jobs for life and in fact it’s rare to actually even have the same kind of job for any length of time. It’s therefore no wonder that our traditions are also being left behind.

This has an impact on that one celebration in our life that we have wanted to remain the same. That is our weddings. We still want the marriage proposal presented to us on one knee, we still want the big diamond and surely we still want the big wedding with white dress, a bunch of bridesmaids, groomsmen and flower girls. A three tiered wedding cake and a horse and carriage to round off the occasion.

But is it really still like this ?
As a bride you are faced with so many options as to your choice of wedding venues in Yorkshire or elsewhere in the UK. The type of wedding venue, the ceremony, the limousine, the decorations, the music choice, the food, and the list is endless in the choices you need to make.

It was so much easier when you knew you had to book the local church or village hall. You wore your mother’s dress and your best friend was your bridesmaid. Your groom chose his best friend as his bestman and the women’s club did the food for you with your favourite aunt baking the cake.

Everything went according to tradition including the wedding march that you walked into church to, leaning on your father’s arm. You could read up in the manual what needed to be done to ensure a smooth and carefree wedding.

What has changed?
There are many things that have changed. Many brides don’t live where they grew up. They are working in big cities or even in other countries. They are getting married later so tend to pay for their own event.

But above all else the wedding industry swung into action and become big business. Magazines, huge internet portals, wedding faires and exhibitions to show off everything from chocolate fountains to faux leopard skin for the reception decor.

Before De Beers launched one of the most successful advertising campaigns to sell you that diamond engagement ring – remember the jingle a Diamond is Forever – nobody had a diamond engagement ring. It was unheard of.

The fashion industry invented more and more elaborate and expensive gowns for brides and bridesmaids. The eventing industry went over the top with decor and venues and so it swelled into a tidal wave taking all along in its path.

It’s your choice
At the end of the day every bride can make their own decision whether they need to have expensive invitations, a wedding dress worth more than one month’s salary, a wedding venue that costs enough to take up three month’s of earning. And wedding favours for everybody that costs an arm and a leg. There is no big tradition in the wedding industry. Mostly it’s truly all about making money.

5 Great Tools to make your Wedding Planning easy

Wedding planning tools to organise everything.

Wedding planning tools to organise everything.

Wedding Planning Tools

Whether selecting amongst the multitude of wedding venues in Yorkshire, UK or anywhere else in the UK, or whether planning the menu of your celebratory meal there are a few tools that you might want to make use of.

In this day and age of technology and mobile gadgets there is no reason why you should not get your virtual assistants in line and in step with you. Here are some great ones to help you along the way.

And they are all free!

Tool 1: Pinterest

Great tool to collect ideas for every element of your wedding. Looking for ideas on colours, dresses, venues, destinations, you name it join Pinterest’s online community to see what they are recommending and keep your own boards so that you have your ideas and concepts at your finger tips.

Not sure about your wedding invitations, the flowers to use, the music to walk into the church to then look no further than Pinterest to find a ton of ideas and suggestions. All free to use. Or alternatively use Pinterest as your visual filing system. Saw a lovely dress in an online magazine then Pin the image to your wedding dress board.

Tool 2: Tumblr

Your own blog or website. There are many free options for setting up your own website. Try Tumblr just for a straight forward blog where you can nevertheless upload images and news snippets as and when you wish.

More technically inclined? Then try a WordPress  theme to start you off on your journey of a website for your wedding. Find the right look and upload banners and content quickly and easily. WordPress also has a bunch of free plug-ins that you might want to use.

Tool 3: Online Wedding Planning Tools

The Knot offers a range of online planning tools that are free to use.  Whether needing a wedding checklist, or save the date register, check out their website for the tools you might want to use. ‘ll find everything you need to know to plan your wedding. The software is interactive and you can customise it to your own special needs.

There is also a ton of other information on the website to help you from guides, inspirations, articles, advice and real weddings to see how others have done it. A great resource.

Tool 4: Asana

As project management tools go, Asana is great. And there is a free entry level membership that should be totally adequate for your wedding planning project. Asana allows many people to be involved.

It has great task allocation feature to help you keep an eye on your favourite cousin who has promised to make the cake for you. Or to check on progress on your wedding dress. Of course you will need to make your own list of important tasks but you should be able to get this information off any wedding site such as Hitched.

Tool 5: Google.

As always Google offers a free option. If you don’t mind Google snooping through everything you load up and record and don’t mind them pushing advertising your way you can find almost any tool you might need to plan your wedding with. Use Picnic software for your photos and invites or create your own website. Or use Google Drive to keep track of planning, spending and guest lists. Use Picasa to share images and more.

Tools to get you going with

Some great tools to get you going and to help with your wedding planning.  There are of course more sophisticated ones for the event management industry such as Sample Board , Evernote or Social Tables. They are quite expensive and could be considered overkill for a once off wedding event. But you might be tempted to go big especially if your wedding is a fair sized affair. Totally depends on your preference and requirements.

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