Old World Wedding Venues


Bolton Castle, Yorkshire


Great choice of old world wedding venues
When it comes to wedding venues in Yorkshire, or elsewhere in the UK, there is certainly not a shortage of options. Anything from a patch of grass in an open space to a castle is available to the discerning bride and groom. For the most romantic perhaps you might want to consider some of the more traditional wedding venues.

Castle or Country Manor
Tradition in its true sense. Nothing beats a castle or country manor to relive the grand old days of long ago wealth and royalty. If you love history and bygone days and like to wonder how it must have been to live then, then getting married at a castle or manor that makes its halls available could be your dream come true.

Fancy gorgeous paintings, embroidered wall hangings, the odd sword on the wall or armour then you could be the right person to hire a castle. Allow the old charm of these classic historical buildings add to the atmosphere of your wedding bringing with it its very own charm.
Decorated in theme
Most traditional venues will have decorations, table settings and lighting to suit the theme. Old wooden floors, velvet curtains, paneled walls and chandeliers will contribute beautifully to your special day.

This is the time where your lace wedding gown with gorgeous long veil will definitely suit the venue. If you have Scottish blood somewhere you can even get away with the groom wearing a kilt which immediately will lend a further touch of authentic old worlde charm. Don’t forget the bag pipe player to pipe in the bridal party and you are set for a wonderfully old fashioned and traditional wedding.

Horse & Carriage

Horse & Carriage

Add a horse and carriage
As for the final touch, arrange for horse and carriage transport for the bridal party and more to create that special magic. This is one event where even cold weather will suit the occasion. Warm blankets, mulled wine and mistletoe all go with a traditional venue such as a castle or manor house.

Or alternatively have that gorgeous horse and carriage to ferry you in beautiful sunshine in summer. It really goes with any season. And in particular it really goes well with a wedding held in a beautifully kept castle or mansion. And it’s certainly one thing the United Kingdom does well – beautifully restored old buildings.

Some Traditions Brides are Prepared to Ditch in this Modern Age

Beth Ditto and her wife Kristin. Image credit: Hello! Magazine

Beth Ditto and her wife Kristin. Image credit: Hello! Magazine

New wedding traditions
Whether you are planning to choose traditional receptions and wedding venues in Yorkshire, UK or elsewhere in the UK for that matter there are a few traditions you might be ditching.

Quite a few traditions are undergoing change, some are getting ditched and some totally new ones are making their appearance. One such new tradition that is developing is that the bridal couple no longer needs to be a man and woman or husband and wife.

Couples tying the knot nowadays, that is in most of the developed world, may consist of man and woman, man and man or women and women. The choice is up to the individual. The ‘sacred’ marriage vows that were traditionally only available to a man and woman are now open to same sex couples. Of course not in some churches. The Catholic Church being a notable abstainer.

Out of this new development in coupledom will come totally new wedding traditions eventually. Alone the title of husband and wife doesn’t really lend itself to wife and wife. New titles will eventually be introduced as this new development in legal human relationships matures.

Old wedding traditions being left out
In the same was as relationships across gender lines are evolving the previously traditional relationships between bride and groom will change as well.

In an interesting survey run by Wedding Days, 200 or so brides were asked what traditions they might not want to participate in anymore. Although change is happening quite slowly there are some interesting results.

Probably the most interesting one is that 26% of brides want to keep their maiden name or compromise with a hyphenated version of both surnames.

Close on 20% decided that some of the traditions were perceived to be supporting the patriarchal society. They were prepared to drop such items as throwing the garter and bouquet, and not be given away by their fathers as they felt this was slightly un-feminist.

Some traditions are here to stay for a while
Only 9% wanted to ditch the white dress. And brides still liked the idea of rings and veils.  They also loved the idea of celebrating the day with family and friends and a reception at a wedding venue.

It is obvious that many wedding traditions will take a while before they morph into new ones. The white dress is here to stay. So are well decorated wedding venues. Flowers, photographers, and wedding cake all have a place in our lives still. So no need to worry about society changing too much. It’s going to be a slow process.

Twerking, the Absolute Must do Dance at your Wedding

Don’t forget the Twerking at your wedding!
Dancing is one of the fundamental activity of any celebration. And your wedding reception is no exception to this tradition. In fact nothing is as much fun to do in a group than a dance. It brings people together and puts a smile on the face. Never mind the exercise you get to have as a side benefit!

When booking your wedding venue it is therefore important that you make space for your dance floor and have a good source of music to throw into the mix. A band or DJ, a string quartet or singer with backing group are some options you have. In fact you could even have a mix with a singer at the beginning of festivities and a DJ later on for the rocking part.

Be sure to learn to Twerk!
Never heard of it? The Twerk is a dance craze that is huge in the US and heading rapidly across the Atlantic to a wedding reception near you! Never heard of the term? Think back a little in time. Popular in the 1990s, twerking has re-invented itself as the latest dance floor craze, An indicator that it has arrived are the 10 million and climbing views of  “How To Twerk” instructional video from Howcast  on YouTube.

View it here! And learn the Twerk right now…

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Even Celebs are Twerking
Never heard of The Twerk? This is a must do at your wedding. It’s really easy to try, it’s great fun and of course it is the latest craze. You do want to try out the latest craze don’t you? Forget about Ghangham Style, do the Twerk.Twerking has even taken hold of the world of pop with many a celebrity singer trying their hand at the dance routine as well as even dedicating songs to the craze.

See Harry Styles do the Twerk here.

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Wedding dance with a difference
Of course it doesn’t mean that you should dedicate your first special dance on your wedding day to this fabulously fun new bit of popular culture. But do make sure it comes up during your festivities. Your guests will love it!

Romantic Wedding Venues – are They for You


A lovely romantic first dance

A lovely romantic first dance

Romantic wedding venues

A great decorating idea for your wedding venues in Yorkshire, or elsewhere in the UK is -to go romantic. Of course this is not for everybody. And you have to feel really comfortable with the idea. Your personality needs to shine through when deciding on a theme for your wedding and romantic is not everybody’s thing.

Even if you think you are the romantic one, or you think that weddings should be romantic because they celebrate a love that will last for a life time, think very hard whether you in fact are the type that shines with frills, candles, low lights and a string quartet.

Perhaps you are rather the noisy party animal who enjoys a bit of dance music played by a DJ rather and you and your partner would like to see all yovur guests clearly. Rather than have them disappear in the shadow of candle light. It’s all to do with your personality.

Don’t allow the event to dictate what you should or shouldn’t do. Be yourself, let your bridal party be themselves and let your friends and family enjoy the wedding as you would like to. Romantic or not.

But if you do want to go romantic then don’t hold back. Go for it. Do it whole heartedly. Starting with the decor. Bows, frills, pastel colours, rose pedals in pale shades, swatches of fabric, gentle lighting and more. Create a romantic fairytale that will appeal to you in all of its facets. And let everybody enjoy this too.

Romantic chair decoration

Romantic chair decoration

Follow your theme through to all aspects

When designing your wedding invitations decide on a romantic theme right away. This might be silver lettering on old fashioned embossed paper. Even a dab of rose fragrance to create that extra special item. Attach a small bow made from lace and insert a rose pedal.

When choosing your wedding dress don’t forget a lovely vail, maybe even in lace to follow through with the theme, and create equally feminine and romantic outfits for your bridesmaids. Your groom will have to have a white bow tie and wear tails of course. Perhaps even a rakish top hat.

Decor for your wedding ceremony

Nothing spells romance quite as well as a beautiful church wedding. Lovely old carpet in the aisle, strewn with flowers, lots of candles, lovely floral arrangements and arches made from branches and flowers. White and green is the absolute perfect romantic gesture. But of course peach and violet, or purples are just as gorgeous.

Don’t forget the music and a good organist is particularly useful for the atmosphere. A soloist singing Ave Maria sends chills down the back of even the most hardened non-romantic. And don’t forget the cute flower girls and ring carrier boys to add to the romance of the day.

Beautifully romantic table setting

Beautifully romantic table setting

Wedding venue decor

Of course the wedding venue decor is the important part as this is where the bulk of the time will be spent. A lovely wooden dance floor is a must. Lots of flowers, silk streamers, perhaps some small antique items for the tables, candles and soft colours will easily create a lovely romantic feel.

Follow this through with a string quartet and you have yourself a romantic wedding. Above all else make sure you enjoy your special day no matter what flavour you want it to be.

Paint your Wedding Venue in warm Shades of Peach

Peach wedding dress. Image credit: Onewed.com

Peach wedding dress. Image credit: Onewed.com

Peach for your special event
As the warm summer months are upon us you might end up considering the warm colours of peach as an option for the theme of your wedding and wedding venue decor. Whether wedding venues in Yorkshire or other parts of the UK, peach is a colour that would bring its very own special vibe to your special occasion.

Starting with your wedding invitations, shades of peach with silver or white print would be an elegant intro to your wedding day. Peach matches up beautifully with a range of colours such as greens, pale blues, purples or violets as well as silver and white just to mention some of the gorgeous matches with this warm colour palette.

Gorgeous peach coloured roses.

Gorgeous peach coloured roses.

Flower choice
Whether deciding on your bouquet flowers, bridesmaids posies, church decor and center table look, peach flowers are easy and cheap to use.

Roses, marigolds, daisies, lilies, bougainvillea if you are getting married in a tropical climate, and so many more to choose from. The range of application will be endless. Add copious quantities of greens and whites and you are certain to have a wonderful vibrant look.

Table settings
Whether using flowers, or silk decorations, your peach look can be complimented with white table linen and table settings. Or alternatively pick up the peach in candles, serviettes or name cards. Decorating with peach will be great fun and lead to endless fabulous ideas that will make your decorating efforts both a pleasure and cost-effective.

Peach colours for the wedding table decor.

Peach colours for the wedding table decor.

Bridal party
Wedding gowns in peach are gloriously romantic. Whether you decide on a full length dress, shorter one or full bodied dress with veil, the light peach colour will create a special feminine glow. Add to that your bridesmaids in fun and colourful fabric and your bridal party will arrive in a glow of warm colour.

Wedding venue decor
Peach, silver and white balloons, streamers, buckets of peach flowers on the floor, hanging baskets of peach coloured flowers, arches with green branches and peach roses to create a fairytale setting, drapes of peach coloured fabric and the list goes on. There are endless themes you can pick up using peach. On the whole using shades of the colour peach will give you a wedding venue that hums with warmth and love.

Special romantic day
For a colour choice, peach could certainly serve you well. Whether flowers, dresses and decor for your wedding ceremony space and reception venue this colour will bring with it a special warmth and glow adding to your special day in a wonderful way.

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