Wedding venues in Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Scarborough, Yorkshire. Image credit: The Guardian, John Short/Corbis

Scarborough, Yorkshire. Image credit: The Guardian, John Short/Corbis

Wedding venues in Yorkshire, UK that are still away from home
A destination wedding doesn’t have to involve traveling to the other side of the world. Even in your local county such as Yorkshire in the UK you will be able to find a destination wedding to suit your preference.

Location, location, location
Like any good estate agent will tell you, the value lies in the location. For wedding venues the location is what makes it special. Whether it is in a particularly beautiful well maintained stately home, a venue on the beach or a lovely boutique hotel in the green hills of Yorkshire, your location will add something special to your wedding venue.

More time to celebrate
Taking your wedding away from your local hometown and taking it to an away venue means that in general you end up with a fair amount of additional time to celebrate your special occasion. You have more time together with your friends and family and you tend to be able to add some fun activities that everybody can participate in whether grouse hunting, horse riding or a fun game of touch rugby or cricket on the farmer’s field.

Lower cost
In general although one would expect the cost to be higher, an away wedding can in fact be lighter on the budget. Your stay over venue will offer your group excellent rates and because the venue in general means more relaxed fun you can skip some of the expensive items that you would normally have to consider. Getting married on the beach for instance could mean a far smaller budget for your wedding dress.

More casual and fun event
Getting away from home where traditions dictate practically every minute of your special day with church ceremony, reception for guests including formal dinner and dance could mean that you can relax and enjoy your actual day.

You can make your own rules. No need for a serious sit down dinner if you can have a barbeque in the grounds. Ditch the dress and train and go for a light outfit that costs far less. Eliminate the procession and have one maid of honour.

Have an excuse to leave behind unwelcome family
With a destination wedding comes the benefit of being able to reduce the numbers of people you need to invite. This means you can eliminate the long list of relative that you would have felt obliged to invite but wouldn’t have enjoyed hosting.

It also means that you don’t need to invite the office or your hair dresser of many years. You can be free of a huge list of obligations you might have needed to deliver on.

Destination weddings can be the best solution
Overall finding wedding venues in Yorkshire UK that are away from your own home turf could make for a far more relaxing and fun wedding that might even end up being far easier on the budget than you could have imagined.

A Brief History of Wedding Receptions – Part I

Queen Victoria started the white wedding dress trend.

Queen Victoria started the white wedding dress trend.

A long tradition of weddings and wedding receptions
Weddings and wedding receptions have been around for as long as the history of mankind. They did look quite different at the beginning though. There have certainly been some notable changes.

Bride for sale
Thank goodness we don’t celebrate all of the wedding traditions. The first weddings were usually celebrations when a woman had been stolen or abducted from another tribe. Men would visit next door villages to scoop a women that they fancied or one that they could take without getting caught. Commitment and love didn’t really feature in these celebrations but rather the idea of conquering, coercion and capture springs to mind.

One could imagine that the carrying of the bride over the threshold could still find its root in these early courting activities. Even after the capture and carry principle lost some of its luster the bartering and auctioning of women carried on for quite a while. In fact even now the groom is required to pay a dowry in countries such as India, a lobola in Africa and a fair amount of cash and goods exchanges hands in Asian countries.

A little more equality
Very gradually these rather one sided affairs, that is to the advantage of the groom, became a little more equal and in the early 1800s women in some of the developed world could even voice an opinion as to who their marriage partner should be.

Early weddings were generally private affairs though and held at the home of the parents of either the bride or groom. The new bride would be announced at the church service following her wedding. It was only mid 1800s that the more glamorous wedding receptions started and of course only by the upper class as nobody else could afford to host such an event.

Upper class wedding receptions
It was the evolution of upper class wedding receptions that have trickled into the mind set of everyman, or at least everywoman. Although during the early 1800s the affairs were still relatively small. They did often include dinner, lavish cake and toasts setting the scene so to speak for the tradition to develop.

During this time the elaborate wedding dress did not feature as yet. Most brides had but one good outfit and that had to do. Brides got married in a range of colours from black to blue and whatever else she had available.

The white dress
By mid 1800s the more elaborate white wedding dress started making its first appearance.  Reason for this was Queen Victoria who decided to marry in an elaborate white satin gown. Trust the royals. Young women, taken by the romance of this glamorous gown decided they should take up this habit as well and thus a tradition was born.

It was during this time that wedding vendors came to the fore. Where previously weddings had been small affairs held at home limiting attendance due to space issues now weddings were being held where ever a suitable wedding venue could be found. The wedding industry had arrived.

The wedding industry boom
By the early 1900s the wedding industry started to boom. Professional wedding planners, bridal departments in large stores, specialists photographers, wedding fairs all came into existence to feed this highly profitable industry.

Watch out for a second article on the history of the wedding reception here on

Taking a wedding venue theme to a new level

IT Billionaire Sean Parker's wedding. Image courtesy Vanity Fair.

IT Billionaire Sean Parker’s wedding. Image courtesy Vanity Fair.

Celebrity wedding IT Billionaire Sean Parker
Sean Parker and his bride took the idea of a theme wedding to another level. What most ordinary mortals might consider a themed wedding, which would mean taking a few elements and decorating a wedding venue with it, IT billionaire Parker had different ideas.

Parker could afford to go lavish and his wedding venue budget went into the millions. An American entrepreneur who co-founded the file-sharing computer service Napster and served as the first president of Facebook, being the big achievements out of a bunch of smaller ones is worth about US2.1billion. Now involved in Spotify. Watch this space.

Redwood Woodland Magic
But let’s rather go back to Parker and his wedding venue theme.  Held in Big Sur, California the site was styled, and rebuilt to the theme of Redwood Woodland Magic. Building the equivalent of a movie set Parker wanted the theme to be ‘Once upon a time and end with ‘they lived happily ever after’. Fairyland indeed.

Parker himself was not a hands off groom. He supervised everything himself from leather-bound memento volumes for guests, to the nine-foot-tall wedding cake, fur-pelt covered seating in the lounge area and the pedal strewn walkways.

He built a cottage, fake ruins, waterfalls, staircases and a huge dance floor near iconic redwoods and a stream populated with threatened steelhead trout. The flowers alone are reputed to have cost $1 million. No expense spared it seemed.

Guests were spoilt too
Guests were not neglected. Each guest got to wear their own Tolkien inspired costume designed by Ngila Dickson the costumer designer for the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. When guests accepted the invitation they were sent a questionnaire to assist with the costume compilation.

Some guests just couldn’t leave the magical setting and stayed the night lying on the flower strewn floor and watching the early morning mist create an extra special mystical atmosphere. Their persistence was rewarded with an evening showing of the Red Wedding episode of the Games of Throne TV series on a huge inflatable screen.

The authorities levied fines
It also ended up being a fiesta for local authorities who saw an opportunity to milk the situation. The Coastal Commission blackmailed Parker into paying a fine the week before the wedding, threatening to shut down constructions if he didn’t pay up. And then managed a further $2.5 million fine afterwards. Very lucrative business for all involved.

Mystical wedding themes for wedding venues
For ordinary folk a $12.5 million wedding isn’t really in the budget. But taking a patch in the country, putting up fairy lights, candles and other forms of mood lighting, adding romantic wedding outfits and rustic seating can still create a magical feel. It doesn’t have to cost that much!

Imagination and fun for some great Wedding Dances

First Wedding Dance. Image Courtesy

First Wedding Dance. Image Courtesy

When planning your wedding check that your wedding venue in Yorkshire has sufficient space on the dance floor for your beautifully choreographed first dance. That is just in case you have the dream of becoming a YouTube wonder.

Or alternatively check that your church aisle is wide and your minister modern enough to do a special entrance show.

Here are some ideas to get you going.

The Brits are taking credit for starting the craze of over the top first wedding dances. Or so they say. Whether this is true or not their video is nevertheless fabulous. As an aside, Julia the bride, is actually from the USA. So that could account for that!

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Amongst the US entries this is not the top favoured one on YouTube, only coming in third, but for group effort it should take the extra bonus points.

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For the most views, this spectacular entrance into the church certainly has proven to be popular amongst YouTubers.

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Have fun planning your own show stopper!


Summer Wedding Venues are Perfect for Big Colour Ideas

Perfect wedding vehicle for a Red Coloured Wedding Day

Perfect wedding vehicle for a Red Coloured Wedding Day

Found your perfect wedding venue in Yorkshire or anywhere else in the UK and the space is available in summer? This is your great opportunity to go mad with big colours and big ideas. Whether planning your wedding dress and bridesmaids matching outfits or the decor for the reception and ceremony venue go big. Hot summer days lend themselves to the big gesture.

Maggie Sottero Red Wedding Dress

Maggie Sottero Red Wedding Dress

Summer colours in the outfits
A great choice of a big colour is red. Vibrant dark reds or bright lighter reds will go with sunny days and happy celebrations.

Starting with your dress go with the modern trend of moving away from white or shades thereof. Try something really strong such as a red ornate ballroom gown. After all the idea behind the white is hardly going to apply in most cases. White for chastity? Not that many modern brides tend to fall into this category anymore. Try something new.

As for the groom, a red tie or red waistcoat, red hat, checked jacket, red socks or red button hole posy will match your red gown.

Matching your bridesmaids to your red gown is not difficult. Floral fabric is currently on trend so splash out on some colourful summer dresses for your bridesmaids.

Pick up your red dress in head bands or in the bouquets they carry. Or perhaps in red shoes, posies pinned to the dress or a red carnation corsage. The choices are limitless.

Wedding venue decor
The colour red lends itself to wonderfully strong statements. Red drapes, table linen with splashes of red, red flower decorations or candles and so much more. If you can add the warm glow of wooden furniture or props to the red you will have a spectacular look and feel to your special event.

Don’t forget the red carpet too. Make your guests feel special by letting them walk down a red carpet with photographers and video camera people on the ready to record your wonderful day.

Use your bold colour for everything else
A red wedding cake? Why not. Take the colour through to your print items such as your invitation mail, table seating cards and don’t forget your website design too. What about a fabulous red old timer to carry the bride to the church and the couple to the wedding venue.

The sky is the limit
The applications are limitless and you will have a great time thinking up new colour ideas that you can apply. At the end of the day your wedding planning should be as much fun as your wedding itself.

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