7 Tips to help you find your ideal Wedding Venue



Your wedding venue

Finding the right wedding venue for your special day will be one of the more time consuming items on your to do list when planning your wedding reception. Whether you appoint a wedding planner or not, you will want to be involved in some way or other during the selection process. After all anything between 50 to 70% of your budget is going towards the venue.

Here are 7 Tips to help you find your Wedding Venue

Tip 1: Determine your budget
As with any large purchase in your life you need to decide on a budget that you and your event sponsors can afford. Of course the likelihood of staying within that budget is going to require concentrated effort by all parties, but it’s advisable to have one to start with.

Once you have an idea of what you can afford to spend on your wedding determine the percentage you are prepared to allocate to the hiring of the wedding venue and check what budget you have for the party that will be held there.

A word of caution. You should not venture out looking at wedding venues until you know how much you can afford.

Tip 2: Research venues that fit your budget
It’s easy to get carried away with venues that sound like the kind that you would love to have your reception at. That five star hotel has a beautiful banquet hall but does that fit your budget? The fairytale old country manor in the middle of nowhere sounds amazing. But does your budget include travel and transport as well as overnight stays for relatives?

Only look at venues that you can afford. It’s already time consuming to make appointments with venue staff, traveling to the location, meeting, viewing and discussing costs and never mind the time you need to take off from work. Don’t waste your time on viewing venues that are outside your budget.

Tip 3: Remember whose wedding it is
Try and make your decisions with your partner only. The waters get muddied and murky once you involve family and friends in the process. No matter who is paying for the event, you as the bride and groom need to make the decision that suits you.

This might sound like a given but you will be amazed how quickly people want to get involved and even how easily they think they should be allowed to dictate to you what you need for your special day. Put a stop to it right at the beginning. This is your event and you make the decision. And it doesn’t matter who is paying for it all.

Tip 4: Shortlist the ones you like
As much as you might want to make a decision once you stumble across ‘the one’ resist the temptation. Sometimes we make decisions on a whim. Short list the venues against a checklist you have set up for items you really need. If you have a disabled family member for instance you need the facilities to be accessible. Put this item on your list of must haves. Eliminate all those that don’t comply.

Once you have a shortlist of venues you think are suitable. Review your list and revisit them. You might want to visit them during an event they are holding or you might want to check on references. You will most definitely want to meet with the staff again to negotiate final terms.

Tip 5: Negotiate
There is a tendency in the West to take a price offered as an absolute given. Do not make this mistake. Every business has some leeway in it’s pricing. You will only find out by asking for additional features, services, discounted price on selected items and an overall discount. Try for every one of them. And don’t think you are being ‘cheap’ by doing this. You are being shrewd and making your budget stretch.

Tip 6: Finalise terms and conditions
In general you will have to book your venue far in advance. This is especially true if you have chosen a very popular one. To keep the lid on inflationary increases make sure you have terms and conditions in place that protect you from exorbitant price increases.

Also ensure that if you have to hire equipment from sub contractors that you are not at their mercy. You might need to hire a tent from an external vendor. Make sure you know the deal you will get from him.

Tip 7: Check your venue regularly
Once you have your venue arranged and all contracts have been signed it’s still a good idea to keep a check on it. Visit your venue regularly or pop your contact person an email to keep in touch. Phone up to chat and in general keep in touch. Consider this small effort as your insurance.

Getting on with the rest
Once you have your wedding venue buttoned down and organised you can get on with the rest of your wedding planning. It will be a relief to know that your most expensive item has been arranged and you will be able to allocate the rest of your budget without too many concerns.

5 Reception decorating ideas to make your Wedding Venue special


Decorating your wedding venue.

There are a multitude of decorating ideas available that will help you make your wedding venue special. Anything from a rock’n roll retro look to a fairytale forest theme to Gatsby glamour. It’s all there for you just let your imagination go. And to help you along here are some ideas. Let the Music play Try out a rock ‘n roll retro-style theme and match your music with it. Nothing gets a party going quite as well as some high tempo rock ‘n roll music. Add to this hot dogs and pop corn, coca cola in the original bottles, some funky red/white/blue decorations and you could have a wonderfully cost-effective reception where your guests end up having a great time.

Go Country

If anything lends atmosphere easily and quickly it’s plants. Use Virginia creeper, wisteria, rosa banksias or jasmine to create beautiful wall decorations, arches and table decor. Add white table linen and chunky white crockery to it and serve liquid refreshments in white jugs to create that pastoral theme. Rustic bread, spreads and pies with a brew from the local pub could make this event great fun while keeping the bank manager happy.

Gatsby Glamour

Staying with the white colour, or more accurately going with cream, match your lovely Gatsby look of a wedding dress with your wedding venue decor. Fake pearls, white posies, some vintage furniture and fittings props, Charlston style music with some draped faded fabric and you have a theme that is both elegant and budget conscious.

The Vintage Look

For the sentimental amongst others nothing is more glamorous than a vintage look decorated wedding venue. Wood, lace, decorated vases, and old fashioned floral posies will do the trick. Drape little lacy bits over wooden tables, tie bows to the serviettes, add tons of white or cream candles in wooden candle holders and scatter a few bits of semi precious stone on the table and your look will conjure up dreamy landscapes your gran would have loved.

A Nautical Look for the Sailor in you

Nothing is fresher than a blue and white look. A nautical look is easy to follow through. Borrow some brass coloured decorative items such as lamps, old fashioned anchors and a bell you can use to call your guests to attention. Add some sailor hats, bow ties, blue striped table linen with some sea shells and driftwood and you have a look that’s fun and very easy on the pocket book.

Great ideas for cost effective and easy to do yourself decorating ideas to create a fun and relaxed wedding reception venue look. Rope in your pals to help you make your items in advance and a few hours of work will make it all happen for you on the day. And you can keep all your savings to lash on a fabulous honeymoon for the two of you. Sounds like a plan doesn’t it.

Princess Madeleine has her Royal Wedding in Sweden

SFgate_RoyalWedding_628x471We all love a wedding. It’s a time to celebrate love and family. And it’s the one time when good news is celebrated. In our times of constant battles between people of differing cultures and beliefs it’s great to see a marriage between people from two different continents.

The Swedish princess Madeleine, fourth in line to the Swedish throne, tied the knot with a commoner from the United States. Wearing a lovely gown designed by Valentino Garavani, Princess Madeleine looked every bit the Royalty.

But what must have made the Swedish people even happier was the obvious happiness and emotions displayed by the groom who looked like he had to hide tears of joy when he saw his lovely bride walking down the aisle towards him. Investment bankers tend to have the reputation of being emotionless high risk takers. Not this one it seems.

Royal Wedding of Princess MadeleineAs wedding venues go, the Royal Palace in Stockholm couldn’t be much better. The ceremony performed in the Royal Palace Church in Stockholm couldn’t have been held in a more romantic setting. Beautiful flowers and Swedish traditional decorations and costume in a historic setting added a fairy tale touch to the proceedings.

As is custom during royal weddings, whatever the country, the newly married couple were shown off in a special horse and carriage during a trip through the crowded streets of the capital city. This was followed by a sail to the royal residence of Drottningholm Palace which lies 10 kilometers west of the city center for a wedding reception for about 500 people representing royal houses from the world as well as the some of the wealthiest families.

The irresistible draw of Yorkshire

220px-FlagOfYorkshire.svgDue to it’s aptly named ‘God’s Own Country’ finding beautiful wedding venues in Yorkshire is not difficult. In fact the choice of where and what is more of a headache because of the vast options available to the bride.

Yorkshire is the largest county in the UK situated in historic Northern England.  Within the borders of Yorkshire are areas which are widely considered to be among the greenest in England due to the vast stretches of unpoiled countryside situated in the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors as well as to the open aspect of some of the major cities.

Besides a wide range of traditional wedding venues in Yorkshire from banquet halls to hotels and restaurants there are also a multitude of very unusual venues available to the more adventurous bride.

Some unusual wedding venues
Like a bit of mud with your white dress then look no further than a farm wedding. Try this one at Low Farm in Liversedge. Pat a cow while standing to toast the bride. Well it’s not quite that rustic of course but still, definitely a pastured event. Visit Weddings and Wellies here to see if this eco focused venue is something for you.

For something more holy try the Priory of 12C Syningthwaite Priory. Top points for romantic setting, unusual atmosphere and amazing furniture and fittings. Centrally situated the Barn facility is a blank canvas for you to create your very own wedding story in a beautiful setting. Visit the site here for more info.

Taking you back to Chaucer days the Priests House could fit into this image.  Fabulous historic building, with its own chapel, set in beautiful rolling hills offers the bride great wedding venues in Yorkshire especially if looking for a more intimate wedding venue. View their offering here.

And for something completely different. Fancy celebrating your wedding at a museum then look no further than the Millennium Galleries in Sheffield. Image the creative backdrop in these characterful spaces that can lend a distinctive and special arty feel to your reception. Check their site here.

There is no shortage of special, unusual, romantic, creative wedding venues in Yorkshire. Whatever your heart desires, you will find the right venue if you search a little.

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