A Castle Wedding Venue in Yorkshire

A romantic wedding venue beyond gorgeous. A castle in Yorkshire!

A romantic wedding venue beyond gorgeous. A castle in Yorkshire!

Romantic castle wedding venues in Yorkshire
Forget about introducing Mr & Mrs. Try Lord and Lady for a day. Choosing a castle as a wedding venue in Yorkshire or anywhere else in the UK can be the ultimate romantic idea. After all a bride is a princess for the day. Of course not everybody can be a real princess marrying her Prince William. But for one day we can certainly imagine that the special occasion could make one a princess.

The UK is full of glorious castles. Find one from days far gone or one a little more modern, if that is at all possible to have a modern castle, there are many to select a wedding venue from.

Check Castle Howard, York YO60 7DA
Although there are so many to choose from Castle Howard is a classic one that you could consider for a wedding venue in Yorkshire. Home to the Howard family for over 300 years, Castle Howard is a truly amazing 18th century residence set within a vast 1000 acres of incredible landscaped gardens. In itself a space of outstanding natural beauty.

Only 15 miles north of York, a gorgeously historic city in itself, Caste Howard is one of the grandest stately homes in North Yorkshire. Although called Castle Howard it is not a true castle in that it was not intended to serve any military function.

Made famous by TV
Castle Howard is world renowned for it’s starring role in the fictional Granada TV series of 1981 “Brideshead Resvisited” as an adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s so named book. It also had a featuring role in the two hour 2008 remake for cinema. It is part of the Treasure Houses of England heritage group.

It’s not only the buildings that are amazing, but the estate also has extensive and diverse gardens. There is a large formal garden immediately behind the house. The house is on a ridge and this was used to create an English landscape park which opens out from the formal garden and merges with the park.

There are also some fun additional garden buildings. The Temple of the Four winds at the end of the garden and a Mausoleum in the park add extra value to the entire grounds. Of course it wouldn’t be an English garden if there weren’t walled rose gardens, follies and an arboretum. And never mind the peacocks strolling through the grounds.

Imagine being a Princess marrying your Prince in this magnificent estate.

Imagine being a Princess marrying your Prince in this magnificent estate.

What a wedding venue
From late afternoon the wedding party is able to enjoy exclusive use of Castle Howard’s romantic interiors and beautifully landscaped grounds for photographs not found anywhere else. With a champagne start under the splendid painted dome of the Great Hall, discover the treasures of the house, and sit down to a fabulous Yorkshire dinner.

Two different sized halls are available for larger or smaller parties. And the venue lends itself to all night dancing and festivities. A castle wedding venue for a fairytale wedding. Up to 200 guests can be hosted in the house and larger weddings may use the marquee site.

Truly a venue for a princess and her prince.