Plan Your Wedding

There is no need to get grey hair when you plan your wedding. There are great tools available to make life easier. Easy to use software, some free and some for a very small fee, is available on the internet to help the planning process of your wedding along.

Why not use a tool that manages your expenses and itemises who needs to pay. A software app that tracks your guest invites as well as your replies and at the end the thank yous.

Check off whats been done and what still needs doing. Keep your event schedule in one place and allow your guests to keep track too. Plan wedding registry, guest seating, track your vendors, create a photo list and so much more. Everything at your finger tips.

Here are some options for Wedding Planning software solutions.  No endorsement is implied.


Easy to use website that allows you to plan your wedding. Hosted on the site you can access the info from anywhere and from any computer or mobile gadget as well as allowing you to give access to your helpers.
Our Dream Wedding:
Spreadsheets for budgets, budget saving tips, wedding party and timeline planning, wedding shower and reception planning worksheets. All online.

As always Google has a free option:
Use Picnic software for your photos and invites. create your own website. Or use Google Drive to keep track of planning, spending and guest lists. Use Picasa to share images and more.

Online Wedding Boutique:
An online planning website that also offers reminders and provides task lists to make your planning easier.

EZ Wedding Planner –
Ready to use wedding planner. Hosted off your computer so you can access it from anywhere and any computer. Allows you to give access to your assistants and any other important helpers.

Small fee:
Happy to pay a small fee? Then read about your options on this comparison site and decide which one is best for you.