Scrumptious Cake Tables at Wedding Venues

Rustic wedding cake table. Image Credit.

Rustic wedding cake table. Image Credit.

Pride of place for cake tables at wedding venues
Whether you are getting married at wedding venues in Yorkshire UK or elsewhere in England, do not forget your cake table as part of the decor as well as a mouth watering element of the whole festivities.

Not just the wedding cake
It’s not only about the wedding cake anymore. Sure your wedding cake is still an important statement. Elegant or homely, mouthwateringly tempting or a sculpture best left alone your wedding cake is of course part of the setting.

But your cake table can be so much more than just the spot where your wedding cake is enthroned. This can space can be so much more as many wedding photos are showing us. And it all depends on how you approach it.

Community effort
Of course food tables have been with us for many years. Weddings in days gone by were catered for by the community. Everybody brought a plate of goodies to share with each other. Mostly you brought along what you were famous for. If you were the local fudge lady that’s what you would bring. Famous for a pumpkin pie, then you brought one of those.

The community shared both the experience of the event and get together as well as the food. It was what family memories were made of.

In the meantime weddings became big business and catering has been outsourced in recent years. This is of course also due to the fact that most couples don’t get married in their communities anymore. No more fudge or pumpkin pie ladies.

That is catering is mostly outsourced. One element that has been making a come back is the cake table. It’s an invitation to share and to create an event together and as such the bring a cake or dessert dish has its own appeal.

Bake off - get guests get to compete for the Cake of the Day award

Bake off – guests get to compete for the Cake of the Day award. Image Credit.

Bake off
A strange new tradition to come to a wedding near you is the Bake Off. Fueled by reality show bake offs a new element has been introduced to weddings. Guests are encouraged to bring their best efforts and the bride and groom judge the offering, announcing a winner at the end of the judging.

A rosette, sash or other styled prize is awarded to the baker with the best offering. According to the palette of the bridal couple of course and may not necessarily have much to do with the merits of the the desserts.

Helps the budget
Inviting contributions to the cake table can certainly help with the budget. Striking off dessert off the catered menu can save a fair amount especially if the wedding is quite large. A saving of a couple hundred £ will be worth considering.

Add fabulous bits
Cakes and desserts can be their own decoration. But why not add your own bits to add to the atmosphere. Whether you have little flags to label the item in thanks of the donor or just by adding lovely flowers, ribbons or candles your cake table can become a celebration in itself.
A cake table in itself can be a statement too. Add it to the theme. Use trolleys, old trunks, antique tables, even logs if your wedding is outside to create a decor that makes the cake table a vision of its own.

No need to stick with cakes and desserts. Add a lemonade or iced tea bucket, a tub of yummy ice cream, lollipops for the kids and some items designed for your guests who might be allergic to gluten, eggs or nuts. Perhaps even some savoury tarts for those folk without a sweet tooth.