For your Stunning Wedding Dress – a few Check Points

Kate Middleton on her way to the church. If ever a perfect wedding dress!

Kate Middleton on her way to the church. If ever a perfect wedding dress!

Your perfect wedding dress
Whether you are getting married at a wedding venue in Yorkshire, UK or elsewhere in England or even anywhere at all here are some great check points to keep in mind when looking for that perfect wedding dress.

The price
The all important question is the cost. Pointless falling in love with a wedding dress that is totally out of your budget range. There is no shame in advising the store assistant what your price range is. It will save you a lot of time and even pain if you find the ultimate one that is far too expensive.

At the same time as you find out the price also ask what this includes. What are alterations going to cost you. You might want to have some extra bits added, like hand embroidered  on pearls or something even taken off such as a cumbersome bow.

Most shops will have a proper list of prices for the extras.  Most ready to wear gowns don’t provide for any free alterations. Buying an outfit from a demi-couture collection might mean you have two fittings to hem the dress to the correct length included in the cost. And for couture gowns you could have five fittings and tailoring the dress to your measurements part of the price. Find out right at the beginning.

And finally do ask whether they can actually do the alteration if needs be. Wedding gowns are often quite complex and an ordinary seamstress might not be skilled enough to do a good job.

The duration
Make sure your gown will be ready in time. You never know what kind of personal issues might befall the wedding dress maker that could mean you end up having to skimp on the make of the dress or even find it’s actually not even ready in time.

Find out how large the business is to make sure that you are well served. The last thing you need to happen to your wedding dress is to have a problem with the supplier.

Determine ordering delays, production lead times, shipping times if required (for special fabric for instance) and increase in prices for purchases that are well in advance.

If your gown is being made off pattern find out what the issues could be if you ask for special fabric, lace, embroidery or jewels that need to be stitched on. These could all add to the cost as well as contribute to unexpected delays.

Royal weddings offer a peep at fabulous wedding gowns. This one was Princess Madelaine of Sweden.

Royal weddings offer a peep at fabulous wedding gowns. This one was Princess Madelaine of Sweden.

The reputation
Make some enquiries as to the reputation of the shop or designer you are considering using. With online communities it is easy nowadays to find people who have used the same vendor. Post your query on your Facebook page, or ask on wedding websites. Check around. You will be happy you did.

While at the shop have a closer look at the outfits on sale. See whether the quality is to your standard. Also tick off whether the shop or design studio is professional in their handling of your queries and requests. How they deal with their customers in general will filter through into their work.

Important decisions are never easy to make. Especially when they are for your very special wedding dress for the most important day of your life. Take care to ask the right questions and get your answers in writing where possible. You don’t want everything to go right on the day, especially your wedding dress.