Wedding Venues

Let’s do Small!

There is a current trend for brides to decide on smaller and far more intimate wedding venues. This is a bonus to suppliers offering small venues who are seeing an increase in popularity in comparison to what larger hotels and function room vendors are experiencing.

Here are some pros for smaller Venues:

Choosing a small venue usually guarantees that you will be the only wedding party using the venue. This means there won’t be other functions or guests disturbing your special event and you won’t yourselves have to be considerate of anyone else in return.

Wedding venues in Yorkshire will each be different of course, but in general a smaller wedding venue will be more likely to be more flexible when arranging your reception and will adapt more readily to your vision of your wedding.

Large venues tend to have set options in place allowing very little flexibility. This could be regarding pricing, types of foods on offers, decorating options and more. You tend to have to pick amongst packages with no or little leeway to have a more personalised event. For instance you might wish to use your own caterers or florist but a larger venue might insist that you need to stay within what the venue is prepared to offer.

Smaller wedding venues in Yorkshire allow for a different atmosphere to larger ones. Romantic, cosy and intimate atmospheres tend to be possible only with smaller wedding venues. You and your wedding party may find a cosy and homely venue more comfortable and relaxing.

And as always there are also cons:

Limited number of guests
The obvious constraint that smaller wedding venues in Yorkshire bring to the event is a limited capacity. This means you have to cut down your guest list to suit your venue. Perhaps a small intimate wedding reception might sound great to you, but once you start compiling your guest list you will be surprised how quickly the numbers add up. It is therefore really important to finalise your wedding invitation list before deciding amongst the wedding venues available.

On the other hand if your budget has severe limitations, choosing a smaller venue might provide you with a really good excuse when paring down your list of invitees and might save you the embarrassment of having to admit to your limited budget.

Cost per head
Contrary to popular belief, smaller wedding venues in Yorshire might end up being more expensive per head. Of course the overall cost is less as your guest numbers are less. However, creating a more personalised event usually means that you do not have the benefit of a large venue’s purchasing power and your cost per head could end up being considerably higher. In addition you are paying for the exclusive use of a venue which means you are carrying the full cost of the facility.

Smaller wedding venues in Yorkshire may have limited facilities. Less parking spaces, fewer bathrooms, inadequate disabled facilities, not enough private areas for the bride and her entourage or limited kitchen facilities to mention but a few spaces you might find too cramped or not available at all.